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rubber bands made from recycled bike tubes

Fffffffffff...flat tyre... Who hasn't been there and seen their bike-ride bump to an untimely end? You get off, resign to the impact of a puncture and have your bike mended in time.
Bike tubes are scrapped in the thousands every year, valuable material goes to waste.
In the shape of «plattfuss», the bike tubes are made re-usable and given a life-extension of sorts.

ca. 70 rubber bands, various sizes


Design: Brigitta and Benedikt Martig-Imhof
Production: Dock//St. Gallen, Dock//Chur
© tät-tat GmbH 2009 and drahtesel


Awards: Design Plus 2010

NOMINEE Designpreis Deutschland 2011



Background Stories

The design workshop «tät-tat» has been working hand in hand with social institutions since 1994. The project is based on a simple concept: creating products of superior design and quality, inspired by the skills of the people taken care of within these institutions as well as the technical possibilities available in the workshops, and marketing these creations through «normal» commercial channels. Not hoping others will have pity, but being innovative and successful: that?s the motto of «tät-tat».

are a social company specialised in recycling bicycles and toys and who aim at the professional integration of unemployed people.


Since 1993, Velafrica has been collecting disused bicycles wirth the help of recognized social institutions in Switzerland. However, not all the material is for use in Africa, and yet it can be utilized. Together with tät-tat unused raw material is turned into products for everyday use. These products are produced in Switzerland an Germany and distributet internationally.



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