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diskiness Lichtbox
fold-up light-fitting (for "diskiness")

Lampshade, cable with E27 bulb-socket, switch, plug (does not include LED-lamp nor «diskiness»)

Instructions for use
Moisten suction cup and fix directly on to LED-bulb.
Use as hanging lamp or as table lamp.
«diskiness» must not be fixed onto conventional light-bulbs! Fire danger!

Assembly instructions
1    Fold cardboard box and place the four round holes one on top of the other
2    Screw one of the rings onto bulb socket as shown in picture
3    Assemble: push bulb socket through all four holes and screw from inside to second ring
4    Screwing and unscrewing the rings allows changing position of socket to adjust lampshade to bulb-size. The bulb should just barely reach the mouth of the lampshade when fitted
5    Use LED-bulbs only (max. 8 W) Ideally
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50123.KS 25.00 23.00 fold-up light-fitting (for diskiness) without diskiness