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Construction kit for directional matchstick-sculptures

You need to take a decision? Let yourself be guided by an impartial adviser. A natural phenomenon will show you the way.

While burning down, this matchstick-candle will bend and warp into unpredictable shapes, but it'll also end up pointing in a particular direction. Whether your decision involves picking somebody from a round of people or answering a particular question noted on paper, you'll now find it very easy to know how to decide.

The enclosed envelope can be used to either post the construction kit or to wrap it up as a present.

Instructions for use:
Write possible answers on one of the paper-squares (s. picture below).
Fold sheet of paper along grooves and tear off individual squares.
Stick inscribed square on end of candle with text facing upward (toward the head).
Assemble other squares into little piles and stick them on end of candle too.
(When you've stuck all squares on the candle they'll make a plinth for it.)
Put on fireproof surface, then light: now watch a bolt upright candle burn and turn into a bizarre curly sculpture in the course of about ten minutes.

When the flame is out, the head of the matchstick will point to the right answer. Should the head break off in the process, it's the remaining tip of the stick that will point the right way.

Please note:
The paper for the plinth is of low flammability. But, even so, never leave the candle unattended when it's burning. It's suitable for children only when supervised by an adult.
No liability can be accepted for any bad decisions taken on the advice of "brand-schatz".

Matchstick-candle, tear-apart sheet of low flammability,

Envelope C6/5
Production: Heimstätten Wil and tät-tat GmbH, Switzerland

© by: Heimstätten Wil and tät-tat 2007
Design: Brigitta and Benedikt Martig-Imhof, developed from an idea by Bin Martig
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50100 9.80 6.90 Brand-Schatz
50100.NA 3.00 2.20 replacement candles