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little gift wrap

On the spot for small presents:
Insert your gift (a small object, a ring, a banknote) into the card from its back and seal it with the self-adhesive flap. The person receiving it opens the wrap by pulling the thread on its front side - and thus gets to the heart of the matter.

White or black, can be posted like a letter, envelope included
Format (folded): 15 x 15 cm / 5.9 x 5.9"

Production: Heimstätten Wil und tät-tat GmbH, Switzerland
© by: Heimstätten Wil and tät-tat 2008
Design: Brigitta and Benedikt Martig-Imhof
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50110.WE 10.00 8.50 little gift wrap, white
50110.SW 10.00 8.50 little gift wrap, black